28 Effective Weight Loss Tips From Women Who Lost Weight

28 Effective Weight Loss Tips From Women Who Lost Weight

28 Effective Weight Loss Tips From Women Who Lost Weight and Maintained It In Real Life

Losing weight is not an easy job at all. It requires dedication, sacrifice, perseverance and a lot of patience. Sometimes, you need to change your lifestyle totally. Moreover, there are a lot of invalid weight loss myths which may distract you easily. So in order to lose weight effectively and maintain them, you have to be strategic. You need to follow those tips which really works in the real life.

28 Effective Weight Loss Tips From Women Who Lost Weight and Maintained It In Real Life

We’re making this a lot easier for you. Today we’ll talk about 28 effective weight loss tips which actually worked in the real life. These tips were followed by women who have lost weight effectively and also have been able to keep that extra weight out. These women have been able to lose from 26 to 174 pounds with these tips. So without further delay, let’s check out these tips.

1. Set Practical and Small Objectives Which are Attainable By You

No matter how much weight you want to lose, you need to take things slow. You can’t take all at once. If you do that, then you might be able to lose some weight, but your health will be terribly effected in the long run. You need to set small and practical goals which are attainable by you and gradually attain all of them. A woman named Annabelle Goetke was able to lose 174 pounds just by following this tip. She started small but she gradually became more active and finally, she was able to reach her weight loss goals.

2. Be Active

Being active can help a lot in losing weight. Now days, most of the jobs are 9-5 desk jobs. So you don’t move in such a long time at all. But in between this time, if you start to take a small break and walk a bit, then you can notice a big change. So did Melissa Leon. She walked for 45 minutes during her lunch time and ultimately, she was able to lose 53 pounds. So just stay active. This can help a lot to reach your weight loss goals.

3. Start Walking Before Running

Running is a very popular exercise for losing weight. But before doing that, you need to be sure if your body is ready for it or not. If you’ve never taken any forms of exercises before, then don’t jump in to running directly. This will cause harm to your health. Better take things slow. Start walking first. Then eventually, when you’ve built up the strength, start running. Cipriana Cuevas lost 60 pounds in this way. She started walking first, then gradually she became lighter and stronger and she started running. She also completed half of a marathon.

4. Make The Best Out Of Walking

If you just walk normally regularly, then it won’t do much to lose your weight. To lose weight effectively, you need to make the most out of those walks. Your walk should burn a lot of calories. Stephanie Cyr, who lost 102 pounds, started her journey for losing weight with an hour of walking every night. But she did something special. Instead of selecting a normal plain road, she chose a 3 mile road through the hills. This made her lose weight quickly and effectively. If you can’t walk in hill tracks, then no problem. Try alternating by walking for a minute very fast and the next minute a bit slower.

5. Don’t Give Up

In order to maintain your desired weight for the rest of your life, you need to stick with your exercises and develop a healthy lifestyle. Giving up after achieving the weight loss goal won’t work. It will take you all the way back. So it’s better to make a daily routine for your exercises, lifestyle and food habit and following it. Erin Bowman has been able to lose 69 pounds just by doing that. She forced herself to wake up early in the morning and she went for a walk. It wasn’t easy at first but eventually, she did manage to hold on to it.

6. Use An App Which Suits You

There are thousands of apps in the internet now which help you maintaining a healthy lifestyle by helping you maintaining routine, by motivating you and also by keeping records of your daily exercise and calorie intake. So find an app which suits your style of losing weight which will help you to reach your weight loss goals. Cyr reached her weight loss goals with the help of an app which suited her. She used to record her calorie intake and with the help of this app, she was able to reduce her calorie intake.

7. Find Your Mantra

As human beings, we can easily get distracted from our goals or can get demotivated. There’s no difference in losing weight. As it’s a daunting task, so you can easily get demotivated. A negative voice might tell you to stop and enjoy. Don’t let this happen. Replace these negative things with your mantra. A mantra can be a single sentence which motivates you. So find your mantra and always keep saying that to yourself. Megen Karlinsey took the help of her mantra whenever she felt demotivated and ultimately, she was able to lose 150 pounds.

8. Keep Your Motivation Right in Front of You

Everybody have a motivation in their lives, right? Maybe a quote, a picture or something which gives you mental strength when you fall behind. To achieve the daunting goal of losing weight, keep your motivation in your sight always. Maybe you can hang it up against the wall of your bedroom, or on the wall of the room where you work out, on your fridge or anywhere where it’s visible to you always. Mindy Badgley lost her weight by keeping up her motivation just by doing that. Her motivation was a photo of a swimmer with a motivational quote. She hung it up on her fridge and it helped.

9. Try Mixing Up The Exercises

Doing the same physical exercise day after day is very boring. There’s no fun in it. But the important fact is, doing the same exercise for too long can also become ineffective. So don’t do only one type of exercise. Try to mix them up. This is how it will be more fun and also more effective. Jaclyn Fehringer gives all the credits of her 73 pound weight loss to this tip.

10. Pick Your Tune

Motivational music and song can help you a lot while working out as they distract your mind from fatigue. It’s a proven fact that when you listen to music while working out, then you’re likely to do more work out than normal. So choose your favorite motivational music and listen to it while working out. Jamie Weil has able to lose 85 pounds and she mentions that listening to her favorite songs enabled her to do more exercise. This is how she lost weight quickly.

11. Do Strength Training

Strength training tones your body nicely, strengthens your muscles and can reduce injuries. But it also can help a lot in losing weight. It can boost metabolism for days. It means you will keep burning calories even after you’ve finished strength training. Goetke, who has successfully lost her weight said that strength training totally transformed her body. She started weight lifting and it helped to burn a lot of extra calories.

12. Make Your Exercises Fun

No matter how effective your exercise is, or how much you love doing it, you can always get bored by doing it continuously for too long. As a result, you might give that up which will be bad. So you have to keep things interesting and funny. You may trying mixing up exercises or adding some fun elements to it. Barbara Delamarter has lost 53 pounds. She said that she loved running. But when she started to get bored, she started to participate in funny races with friends. This helped her a lot to stay motivated and keep things fresh.

13. Give Yourself Some Challenges

Sometimes, you may need a bit of competition or challenge to keep you on track or to help you staying motivated. A bit of competition always increases your motivation. As a result, you do more exercises and you ultimately get your results. Maribel Contreras signed up for a body transformation competition at her gym when she started her weight loss program. So she stopped eating junk foods, started healthy diet, increased her work outs and ultimately she ended up winning the competition. She was able to lose 77 pounds.

14. Do Workouts Whenever You Can

All of us have a very tight schedule now. There’s a lot of work to do in a very short time. But that can’t be an excuse for giving up exercises. Do a bit of workouts whenever you can. Walk for 10 minutes in between work or do a bit of exercise anytime. You can easily manage 10 minutes twice or thrice a day to do a bit of exercises. Cindy Kern has lost 118 pounds just by walking, jogging and doing a bit of living room exercises in leisure times only.

15. Make Your Exercises a Family Thing

If a member of your family gets involved in physical exercises with you, then it gets a lot easier. No matter if the fitness goals aren’t the same, you can always get inspiration and motivation by doing it together. Do workouts or go for a run with your family member. It does help a lot. Twyla Grimes lost 26 pounds by running on treadmill and doing strength training with her husband together.

16. Add a Friend

Make your workouts more fun and motivational by adding friends. Schedule your workout sessions with your friends. Make it like a date. You can catch up with your friends in these workout sessions. This is how the workouts won’t get boring, you’ll get motivation and you all will be able to reach your weight loss goals together. Michele August did just that. She used to meet up with her friends once every week for a workout session. She used to catch up with them, had fun and also was able to lose a lot of weight by doing this. She was able to lose 117 pounds ultimately.

17. Eat Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet plan and following it not only helps you to lose weight, but it also offers you a lot of health benefits. Replace unhealthy junk foods by healthy foods in your diet. Make them tasty by giving them a twist. Jennifer Lasher has lost 75 pounds by following a healthy diet. She replaced junk foods such as sandwiches, meat, foods containing high sodium by green vegetables, fruits and homemade healthy foods. She also admits that after following this diet, she was not only able to lose weight, but she also obtained a better health, skin, and clear head and increased energy level.

18. Have Breakfast Regularly with Healthy Foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s also very easy to mess things up in breakfast. Some people totally skip breakfast to lose weight. But it’s not a good idea and it doesn’t help at all. If you skip breakfast, you will eat a lot more later unknowingly. So it’s better to eat a healthy breakfast every day to lose weight and maintain it. Sharon Cline says that skipping breakfast didn’t help her to lose weight at all. It rather increased her weight. So she started to have a healthy breakfast every morning which helped her losing weight by maintaining it and providing her enough energy without increasing fat. She was able to lose 80 pounds.

19. Eat in Smaller Portions

Losing weight and maintaining it doesn’t involve only exercises and eating healthy foods, but it also demands for a limit in eating. You have to eat food in smaller portions than before if you want to lose weight. Eating in higher portions without limit will increase your weight badly. DeGennaro didn’t maintain a healthy portion in her meals which made her fat. But after realizing it, she started to eat in smaller portion. She admits that it was difficult at first. But it became easier with time. She started to eat more veggies. She was able to lose 102 pounds finally.

20. Use Smaller Tableware

It means you should use smaller plates or bowls while eating. When you use a big plate or bowl, then it’s easy to eat more food because these take more foods and each portion of your food become bigger. But if you use a smaller plate or bowl, then you’ll eat less as they accommodate less food than the bigger ones. As the plate will be full, so you’ll feel that you’re getting enough, but for being smaller, these plates will be able to reduce the amount of food you eat. Erika Cataldi reduced the amount of food she used to take by using this technic and she was able to lose 70 pounds finally.

21. Don’t Fully Deprive Yourself From Your Favorite Foods

Dieting doesn’t mean that you’ll have to leave your favorite food totally. You can satisfy your cravings from time to time. But you must make sure that the portion is right and you’re not eating too much of that food. It can be like a reward to yourself. Eat a little portion of your favorite food sometimes. It will keep your spirits up. Leon, who has been able to lose weight successfully says that she never deprived herself from her cravings totally, she did satisfy her cravings. But she did that in gaps and also in a very small portion.


22. Make Your Own Food

Ready-made foods contain a high amount of sugar, sodium and also calories. So these foods aren’t ideal for weight loss. So instead of eating these ready-made foods, make your foods by yourself. You can prepare a lot of healthy foods which are low in calories and also very tasty. There are thousands of recipes available on the internet. So it won’t be hard for you at all. Jasmine Pitts was able to lose 40 pounds by eating homemade healthy foods which are low in calories.

23. Find Sweet Alternatives

We all have sweet cravings, more or less. But when we crave for sweets, we eat ice cream, pastry, chocolates which contain a lot of sugar and fat. But it doesn’t have to be like this. To satisfy your sweet cravings, you need a sweet treat, but it doesn’t have to be fancy pastries or chocolates. You can satisfy your sweet cravings by sweet delicious fruits. This will satisfy your sweet cravings without adding a lot of calories.

Tamyala Ezell lost 105 pounds successfully by changing her food habits and working out three times every week. She says that she used to satisfy her sweet cravings by different kind of fruits which is one of the secrets of her successful weight loss. Moreover, Goetke, another woman who successfully lost weight says that she ate berries, cherries, nuts, homemade whipped cream, dark chocolates and nectarines to satisfy her sweet cravings.

24. Get Enough Sleep

Many researches prove that well sleepers are more likely to lose weight than non-sleepers. Moreover, a well-rested body gives you a fresh mind and you’re able to work hard. But if you don’t sleep enough, then you won’t be able to work hard or get enough energy to do intense workouts. So sleeping regularly is important as anything for losing weight. Weil says that she sleeps for 8 hours every day to maintain her weight and control her hunger. She says that if she doesn’t sleep enough, then she feels greedy.

25. Find a Resource Near You

Find a weight loss center or gym in your locality. They’ll guide you and give you a perfect and well tested weight loss plan. Moreover, of the resource is near you, then you will visit regularly and it will be time saving. Leigh Mount lost 171 pounds successfully after joining a local weight loss center. The diet plan they provided to her worked perfectly.

26. Join a Large Community For Weight Loss

Larger communities are likely to have more experience on weight loss as they work in a much bigger span which involves a lot of members. You can join one of these large communities for weight loss and they can guide you perfectly. Julie Real has lost 104 pounds. She gives the full credit to the large weight loss community she joined because they’ve taught her the tricks to follow a healthy diet and lose weight. She says that she was able to lose 15 pounds in the very first month after joining the community.

27. Make Your Gym at Your Home

Some people may not be comfortable doing exercises in the gym. They might feel shy or embarrassed. Moreover, gym memberships are also kind of expensive. So you can make your own gym at home where you can exercise freely. You don’t need fancy expensive instruments for it. Just do free hand exercise and use simpler instruments. Suheily Rodriguez says that she was not comfortable at gyms so she built one at her home. She used to work out six days every week for one hour a day. This is how she was able to lose 96 pounds.

28. Make a Proper Workout Schedule

Schedule your workouts according to your daily routine. Think about all the works which you have to do and then make the workout plan according to it so that you don’t miss any work or your workouts. Try to follow the workout schedule as strictly as you can. This helps to lose weight rapidly. Erica Calderon says that she followed her workout schedule very strictly and didn’t miss out at all. Ultimately, she was able to lose 85 pounds.

So you can see that losing weight is not a tuff task at all. All you need is a bit of will and determination. Other things will follow. These women are the successful examples for you to get motivated. If they can, then why you can’t? They’ve also made things easier for you by sharing these valuable tips with everyone. So if you’re overweight, then just make your mind and start working out.

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