Beauty Grooming: How To Increase Your Height or Look Taller


Screenshot_11Well height is a very vital confidence booster. We all like persons with a decent height. I mean, who wants to look short compared to his/her boyfriend or girlfriend, right? When you’re not tall enough, you don’t feel confident so much. You might also suffer from depression and inferiority complex for it. So height is very important. Today we’ll give you some important tips on how to increase the height of your body and groom you on how to appear taller. So without further ado, let’s get right on to it.

Science says that human body height keeps increasing up to 21 years. So if you’re not more than 21 years, you still have a good chance to increase your height with the right kind of food and exercises. Those who are older than 21 years old, don’t get dishearten, there are always exceptions, right? Your height might also increase. So what’s wrong with trying right?

  • First, we’ll talk about the foods. There are certain food elements which play a vital role in increasing height. So make sure you consume plenty of them to increase your height. Height increasing food elements are calcium, minerals, vitamin A, vitamin D and protein. Milk, cheese, green beans, papaya, tomatoes, peas, eggs, yogurt, bananas, lentils, carrots, grapes, soy milk, mushrooms all of them are rich in these elements.
  • Second, the right kind of exercise. There are exercises which are helpful to increase your body height. Swimming, running and cycling are the best among them. To be honest, I’ve increased my height only by cycling every day! So make sure that you do the right kind of exercise every day to increase your height.
  • After all being said, now we’ll talk about how to appear taller. Well this is actually quite simples. Girls can always were hills. There are sexy high hills in the market, right? So go grab them girls. High hills are sexy. And for the guys, you could also use a bit of hills, right? When you’re taking a group photo with taller people all around you, then give yourself a bit of edge by standing on your toes. Not in an awkward way, just simply and gently do that. Also keep your back straight and hold your chin up while taking photos. This is how you will appear taller than you actually are.

So these were the tips to increase your height and appearing taller. Make sure you follow those and enjoy the fascinating results.




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