Don’t Enjoy Eating Fruits? Read This,It Will Make You Think Again


Okay here’s the deal, I’ve seen a lot of people who doesn’t like to eat fruits at all. They just run away from any fruit related foods. Personally, I love fruits. But for those who don’t, the following article is for them. Here we’ll talk about why you should start eating fruits right now!

Well, there are hundreds of fruits. Different fruits can be found in different seasons and countries. So to cover all of them, a lot of time will be needed. But we all know we don’t like much reading, right? So here we’ll cover a few most common and available fruits with their benefits. So let’s check them out.


Screenshot_8Beautiful red strawberries, a very common fruit in the grocery store. Many dessert items in the bakeries and the fancy restaurants are made from strawberries. To be honest, strawberries taste awesome. Here are the benefits of strawberries.



  • Strawberries fight bad cholesterol
  • It promotes eye health
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • It boosts up the immune system of the body
  • It’s a very good anti-aging nutrient
  • It fights against cancer
  • It’s anti-bacterial and also anti-viral


Screenshot_9Bananas might be the most common and popular fruit in the world. It’s available almost everywhere. You can also eat them in different ways. You can make either dessert or savory with them. Let’s check out the benefits of eating bananas.


  • Bananas are excellent anti-depressant
  • They help to prevent anemia
  • They provide a lot of energy
  • Bananas help to prevent ulcer
  • They reduce blood pressure and the risks of heart diseases
  • They reduce menstrual pain
  • Makes our bones stronger
  • They regulate the bowel system


Screenshot_10Apple is another very popular fruit all over the world. Besides eating them raw, you can make different types of dessert items with them. They are filled with vitamins. Let’s find out the benefits of eating apples.



  • Apples help to prevent different types of cancer
  • Apples have necessary fibers which control diarrhea
  • They help to detox liver
  • They help to prevent type 2 diabetes
  • They create saliva which makes teeth whiter
  • They help to prevent Alzheimer
  • They help to control irritable bowel syndrome

These were the 3 common fruits which are available and popular everywhere and their benefits. There are hundreds of fruits with even more benefits. We’ll gradually cover more. But I personally think only these 3 fruits have enough perks for starting eating them. So start eating fruits and be healthy and sound.




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