How To Get Rid of Bad Breath

Screenshot_22Bad breath, it’s a very embarrassing and kind of a common problem in many people. If you have a bad breath, you feel embarrassed and less confident wherever you go. You can’t even talk freely and open up. Most people may say nothing in your face, but you know inside that they’re feeling awkward. So eventually you feel down and embarrassed. Many things can cause bad breath such as bacteria build up in the tongue, cavities, smoking and many other things. So how you can get rid of bad breath? It’s actually quite easy and simple. So let’s find out.

  • Brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day for at least two minutes with good tooth paste. Make sure you floss every day to clean the food left in between your teeth. Change your tooth paste in every 3 months.
  • Another effective way to get rid of bad breath is to drink a lot of water. Dry mouth is a prime cause of bad breath. Drinking water keeps your mouth moist and also prevent bacteria build up. So drink a lot of water.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco related products. They have a bad smell and that stays in your mouth for a long time. They also harm your teeth by damaging them and can cause oral diseases which results in bad breath.
  • Avoid garlic and onion. They contain Sulphur which are converted in volatile Sulphur compounds which have an unpleasant smell and it causes bad breath.
  • Use mouthwash and chewing gum. They can remove bad breath in quick time. Chewing gums containing xylitol are very good because not only they get rid of your bad breath, they also fight against the bacteria causing bad breath.

These are the common and simple ways to get rid of bad breath. But if you’ve tried all of these, but you still have bad breath. Then it’s time to see your doctor because different medical conditions can also cause bad breath such as problems with kidney and liver. So it’s best to see a doctor. No matter what’s the case, make sure you visit your dentist at least twice a year.

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