Is Starving Helpful For Weight Loss?

I’ve seen some people who just keep starving in order to lose weight. They always intend to skip an important meal of the day whether it’s breakfast or lunch or maybe dinner. They feel the hunger and think that the weight loss plan is working. So is it any good? I would say yes, only if you want to make things worse. These thing never help weight loss, it rather deteriorates the overall health condition of yours. How is it? Let’s talk about it.

Screenshot_16First, let me give you a scientific explanation. The calories we get from the foods we eat, our body uses a part of it which it needs to keep functioning and it saves the rest of it as fat so that it can use it later. When you’re not physically much active and you decide to skip a major meal, what happens then? Our body develops a system to burn calories and save fat depending on our eating habit. When you skip a meal, then the body thinks there is problem and there’s no certainty that it would get food timely.

So what it does? It saves all the calories of the next meal as fat in order to use it later. So we can see that in this case, your body saves more fat than it normally would. You can reduce the amount of food per meal but skipping a meal totally is not a good idea. So you decide.

Screenshot_17The second thing is your health. Even if you’re able to lose weight be skipping meals, it will harm your health. You’ll be weak and less active. You will lose stamina and you may also be sick. Sometimes things get too serious and many people do get admitted at the hospital. So this weight loss plan leads you to total sickness and wastage of money.

Considering all of these, my advice to you is to follow a weight loss plan which includes healthy foods in a limited amount but doesn’t totally cut a meal off. Do a bit of exercise and follow a healthy diet plan. Keep doing that with dedication and you will be able to reach your weight loss goals.

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