Male Beauty Secrets: How To Maintain a Healthy Skin

Screenshot_20We all talk a lot about beauty secrets of women. You can easily find thousands of beauty tips for women on the internet. But that’s not the case with men, is it? Well, maybe it’s because men are not so conscious about their skin. Even I wasn’t. But trust me, just like the women, your skin needs care too guys. So today we’ll talk about the dudes. How to maintain a healthy skin, only for the guys. So let’s get right on to it.

Before we cut to the chase, let me tell you guys the beauty cream or face wash you use which belongs to your sister or girlfriend, THEY DON’T WORK! Come on guys. Male and female skin aren’t the same. So let’s talk about some basic difference between male and female skin first.

Screenshot_19First of all, the thickness. Male skin are naturally thicker than the females. It’s almost 25% thicker than the women. Men also tend to have a much oilier skin than the women. Most of the men have an oilier skin than the women. Men have a warmer skin than the women as they have more blood cells than the women. And finally, men also have a more hydrated skin than the women. So those guys who were using products of your girl, you were wrong dudes. That brings me to my first tip for maintaining a healthy skin for guys.

  • Never use female products. As you know now that your skin is totally different from your girl, so don’t use her things. Buy those products which are made for men. Use facewash, moisturizer, sunblock and cream made for men.
  • Do workouts guys. Yes, it’s true. The more you work out, the healthier skin you get. Staying active keeps your blood flowing nicely under your skin and it takes the dead cells and bad elements for your skin out with your sweat.
  • Stay hydrated. This thing is actually common in men and women. For a healthier and brighter skin, you need water. So drink a lot of water for better and healthier skin.
  • Save your skin from the sun. Whenever you go out, don’t forget to apply sunblock on your skin. This will protect your skin from sunburn. Wear sunglasses to protect the soft skin just under your eyes from dark circles.
  • While shaving, use a high-quality razor if you’re going for a clean shave. Remember to change the blades. Always drag the razor downwards. Dragging upwards damages the skin.
  • Finally, maintain a healthy diet. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies to maintain a healthy skin. Reduce the amount of junk food, alcohol and smoking for a healthier skin.

So guys, we know you’re very busy. So the tips for your healthy skin are very short and easy to maintain. Now you know what you need to do for a healthier and brighter skin. So guys, try them and obtain a better skin.

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