Most Effective Ways To Quit Smoking

Most Effective Ways To Quit Smoking By HealthChiefs

Most Effective Ways To Quit SmokingIt’s already known to us all that how bad smoking is for our health. It causes cancer, lung diseases and many other fatal diseases which ultimately can result in death. So it’s crystal clear that in order to live a healthy and long life, we must quit smoking. We all agree to that. But the problem is how many chain smokers could give up smoking easily? Not many. Even I couldn’t. So we can see that we all know about all the bad effects of smoking on our health, we also agree with those but we aren’t able to quit smoking easily.

We need expert help for that. We need help from someone who has been able to quit smoking and need to know how he/she could do that. So here’s the solution. If you really want to quit smoking but you just can’t and if you want some very effective tips which can definitely help you to quit smoking, then look no further. Here we are to help you. Today we’ll talk about the most effective ways to quit smoking which actually worked for smokers. So let’s get right on to it.

Identify Reasons

Why do you want to quit smoking? There are a lot of answers to that questions, right? But which one is the prime reason for you to quit smoking? Find those reasons out and make a list. Read out that list every day and keep that with you always. Whenever you feel the urges to smoke, then take that list out and read those reasons. These reasons will work as motivations for you and they will help you a lot to quit smoking.

Sidestep The Triggers

Okay, there are some things which triggers the urges of smoking, right? Different persons have different triggers. Some have stress, some have smoker friends, and some have alcohol and so on. So which one is your trigger? Find out your triggers and sidestep them. Try to spend more time with non-smoker friends, go to places where smoking isn’t allowed and reduce your alcohol intake. These will help to avoid your triggers.


NRT stands for the term Nicotine Replacement Therapy. This has become a very popular method for quitting smoking lately. Nicotine has an addiction which is hard to remove quickly. So in this therapy, the amount of Nicotine intake is gradually reduced instead of completely stopping it. This therapy helps you to give up Nicotine slowly. Nicotine patches, gums and lozenges are used in this therapy and studies prove that their success rate is pretty high.

Stay Active

Staying active is another very effective way of giving up smoking. Staying active keeps you busy, so you don’t get the time to feel the urges for smoking. Moreover, there are many researches which prove that physical exercises can drastically reduce the psychological and physical urges for Nicotine. So stay active as much as you can.

Consider Joining A Program

Well, it’s naturally hard to give up smoking on your own. It becomes much easier when you find someone who’s also trying to do the same thing and also facing the same problems which you are facing. This gives you a huge psychological advantage and motivation for quitting smoking. In this way, both of you get the advantage. Keeping these thoughts in mind, there are so many programs on quitting smoking which are trying to provide the perfect platform to share your experiences and ultimately provide support to give up smoking. Try joining one of these programs. These programs really help a lot.

Try Sharing

Don’t keep things to yourself. Share your “smoking quitting” plans with your friends and family. They can help you more than you think. Your family and friends can keep you away from smoking every time and provide you motivation and support. If that doesn’t work, talk with a counselor or psychologist.

These were the most effective ways on how you can give up smoking. We all agree with the devastating effects of smoking to our body. So we need to give it up immediately. Think about your family, your friends and mostly, yourself. Quitting smoking can guarantee you a longer and healthier life. So why miss that? If you’re really willing to quit smoking but you can’t, then try these tips. These tips have helped so many smokers to leave smoking all around the world. So these can help you too. Just try them out and give yourself a healthier and happier life.

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