Natural Breast Enlarging Tips

Screenshot_13Okay girls, do you feel that your breasts are smaller than your friends? Do you think guys just ignore you, or don’t even consider you as a grown up girl for your small breast? Do you feel embarrassed and not confident for small breasts? Then this article is for you. You might already know guys like bigger boobies. So you might be looking for a solution for your small breasts but you’re not willing to go under a surgery for it. Maybe you’re looking for something natural which can help you enlarging them. If that’s what you’re looking for, then look no further. Because we’re here with some natural ways to help you enlarge those little breasts of yours. So let’s get right on to it.

  • Massage your breasts with almond oil for ten minutes every day before you go to sleep. It increases the blood circulation and your breasts will get larger in 2 months.
  • Mix 2 tea spoons of onion juice with ¼ tea spoon of turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon of honey. Then massage you breasts with this mixture in a circular motion before sleep every night. Your breasts will enlarge and tighten within days.
  • Eat a handful of walnut along with a glass of hot milk every night. It will give good growth to your breasts.

Besides these, you can use some tricks which can make your breasts appear bigger. You can wear pushup bras to give your breasts a bit of shape or you can wear padded bras to add to the breasts size. Also you can use make up to make your breasts look bigger.

So we’ve talked about some simple natural ways on how you can enlarge your breasts or you can make them look bigger. You can always go for implants but they cost a lot. So make sure you’ve tried these first. In my opinion, it’s better not to mess with the natural things which are gifted to you. So try the natural way and be happy and confident with what you have.

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