Take Better Care of Your Eyes in Simple Ways: Here’s How

Screenshot_7Eyes are your most important and priceless treasures. They make you see the world. Without them, it’s all dark. You can see nothing is this beautiful world. There will be no difference between day and night. You won’t be even able to walk on your own. Nightmares, right? So we understand the importance of our eyes. We don’t want anything wrong with them at any cost. As eyes are very sensitive organs, so they can get damaged easily and once they get damaged, everything in your world changes. Fixing them will cost you a fortune. So taking better care of your eyes is a must. So how we can do it? Here’s how.

  • Keep eye friendly foods in your diet. Yellow fruits and green veggies which are high in Vitamin A are very good for your eyes. Also eat good small fishes. They work very good to improve your eyesight and keep them free from disease.
  • Don’t watch TV, work on your PC or your phone screen for a long time at a stretch. It can seriously harm your eyes and have a long term bad effect. When you work on your PC, or watch TV or using your phone, always take a break after some time and close your eyes for a minute or look at the greens. This is very helpful.
  • Don’t read small sized letters in insufficient light. This thing is the worst. In low light conditions, your eyes have to give more pressure to see something clearly. So when it’s something small which you’re trying to read, then your eyes get even more pressure which can harm your eyes big time.
  • Take enough rest. Instead of being up late at night, develop a habit to sleep for about 8 hours every night. If you get enough sleep, then your eyes get enough rest which they need badly. But if you don’t, then your eyes can’t handle the pressure. So the eyesight weakens, eyes become dull and you get wrinkles.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun. It’s very important. Never look directly at the sun or any powerful source of light with bare eyes. It can seriously damage your sight. Wear a sunglass whenever you go out. There are some very good eye creams in the market right now. You can also try them.

These were 5 simple tips for better eyes and strengthened eyesight. Eyes are assets which you just can’t buy with anything. So make sure you value them

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